Feb 18, 2013

The 7 Portals

Last night was interesting, I don't think I could of ever imagined having a dream like this in all my life, this type of dream to me is the kind of dream you have when you are tripping on Acid lol except I don't take any of that junk so what the hell? it all started out with me walking around in circles ON the Earth, as in, I saw myself in space walking in circles on top of the orb we know of as Earth and every time I completed a full circle a portal opened up. So, I was walking in circles constantly so imagine how many portals opened up, it was a portal within a portal within in a portal and so on. Finally I went what seemed through the many portals, Each portal became a chakra and each time I went through it there were different color lights at the end. Each time I went through I felt myself loosing more of me more and more and I could see parts falling away from me, for example the first portal I went through I lost my crown chakra and so my whole scalp and pineal gland fell away, then as I moved forward my 3rd eye fell away and I lost my eyes, I could not see, I was spiritually blinded. Then my breast and chest fell away and my heart chakra closed up and I fell away from creation and the universe itself. Then my area below my chest fell away which was my solar chakra and I forgot who I was, then my abdomen fell away (sacral chakra) and I became struck with great fear, with a sense of loneliness and I suddenly believed I was all alone and that God was no longer with me and to make matters worse I felt like I died now...as I reached the last chakra/portal...as if I gave way to all that which was the END...and suddenly as if going in reverse, I was reborn! and I was birthed in many much light and I acquired everything back again...I felt like I was an antenna. Then as if I was thrown in some weird rabbit hole, suddenly people manifested all around me, all kinds of people, ETs, humans, elementals, just every kind of being you could ever think of and everyone began to hug and dance and kiss and work together...it was very odd.

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We're all made of star stuff and we're all on a return journey to remember who we are...one planet, one people, one universe.