May 26, 2013

Dreaming Of Touching Clouds

Last night I had a dream that clouds got really low on the atmosphere and I actually touched one and got a piece of it and I kept it, the clouds felt so weird lol...I remember reaching up to the sky with my arm extended and my hand reaching up for the clouds, I was so happy, I kept saying, the clouds are getting closer! So odd. I don't know why I felt so happy in the dream, you would think if clouds are falling, there is a serious problem lol. 

Here is a beautiful interpretation provided by a fellow star soul:
Sounds to me like a "gift dream" type message or something similar from one of your guides or guardians. Sometimes they will bring you to a familiar feeling realm or place they create to communicate with you: say for example if you are unwell, have been attacked and are scared, they will take you there to rest & heal while they keep you there protected in their care. It's not for that soul purpose - it can serve any purpose they need to communicate to you at any time 1 on 1, a meeting place and safe house. I think that may have been what happened here, but the message or purpose only you could really know

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