Jun 5, 2010

What I Saw: Area 51 & Dulce Base - Targeted Astral Travel

Dulce Base
Since I first discovered that I could astrally travel to targeted locations I have been reluctant to do so because of what I encountered during and after astrally traveling to Dulce Base located in NM and for those of you who are not familiar with this story well I first discovered I could astrally travel to any targeted location in the world or beyond by accident!

I always thought astral travel was random but after joking with a friend and saying that I was going to go to they're house and actually arriving at their home and seeing all that was going on I was baffled after having my friend confirm it!

Well since then I was a bit worried about targeted astral travel or TATing as I call it but I wanted to try something new and different and I have always wanted to dispel the rumors if any of Dulce base because the things I have heard of this place were so horrific that I could not possibly imagine humans being OK with the goings-on of this place, so I wanted to go there and see for myself that this was not going on, I wanted to believe that we would never sink this low.
The Ets warned me of this and insisted that I not go but they had to respect my free well so they said they would stand by in case I needed assistance. Well that night as I laid down I only said a few words I said: I am going to Dulce Base and with those words said I soon drifted off to sleep and exited my physical form and consciously astrally projected myself to Dulce base and I managed to go to all the levels to the very last one undetected and that is where I saw very strange things.

What I saw would make a grown man cry and alas it did as I stood there in astral from trying my best to hide from both humans and reptilian like entities I watched as a human wheeled a fellow human on a stretcher that was tied down with straps and somehow the human on the stretcher could see me and what he said broke my heart and almost broke me to pieces the human looked at me and said: Why wont you save me? do something! but I could not do anything because my life was at risk and I had to live to tell the tale because somehow I know if you are affected in the astral your physical also will be affected.

So I reluctantly watched as this human wheeled the other human on to a conveyor belt and I could see the human being chopped up and I could hear the blood curdling screams and I watched as on the other side of the conveyor belt parts of this fellow human being who I later realized was labeled as a "missing person" fell in to a vat of strange liquid and just then I could see a pair of army type boots walking towards me and I knew that I had been found and just as I was about to ask how do I get out of here I heard water rushing but I looked around and said: wait there is not faucet here!

That is when I suddenly slammed back in my body and awoke to see the kitchen sink faucet turning off by itself (I was asleep in the living room) and then I realized the ETs had turned it on to cause my astral to return to the physical body. Well I woke up deeply disturbed by relived that I knew the truth and I thought that was it.

I woke up that morning thinking it was all over but that evening I felt as if my apartment was shaking and I heard a very loud sound I knew it was helicopters so I ignored it and was watching TV for a bit when I realized that a helicopter had descended from above and was situated outside my balcony shining a very bright light in to my balcony I turned around and thought: what the hell? but payed it no mind then that chopper flew away and again it happened and I was irritated a bit so I got up and walked to my balcony and it was as if this was by default.

I was on the balcony and I suddenly sent a shock wave of psychic energy the chopper that made it shake and disappear though I soon learned this was the whole purpose...They wanted to waste my energy because this feat took a whole lot of energy from me so I made it to my couch completely drained, curled up in my blanket and got naked because I was more relaxed this way and basically passed out and I was awakened by two swat members or agents standing in my living room with guns pointed at me and yelling asking what I knew and what I remembered then I remember them noticing I was naked and taking the covers off and just stared at me perhaps this was a means of intimidation then I was given these pills that were forced in to my mouth, they made me swallow the pills and as they did this they were saying: she has to forget, she has to forget.

I felt back into a deep sleep and I was awakened the next morning by a terrible feeling off nausea I could barely make it to the bathroom but thankfully I did because I threw up violently and I did so for almost the whole day I had to keep drinking water. Finally eventually I stopped throwing up and I could feel I was so week but I felt like I got whatever they put in me out and that is all I cared about and somehow I KNEW it was retaliation for me going to Dulce base and seeing what I saw and surviving to tell the tale.

Area 51
You would think that this would be enough to quell my curiosity and any future stupid ideas of astrally entering any government operated premises but how could that be when there was still Area 51? just what are they trying to hide so badly that they would use FORCE, fines and imprisonment to keep you out?

That is what I intended to find out because I believe the people deserve to know! there should NEVER be secrets between the US government and the American people! So me being a busy little bee I did my duties for the day and eagerly went to bed that evening and as before I took the steps necessary to astrally travel to the targeted area and just like before I made it but this time I was met with a bit of resistance.

Apparently Area 51 is protected by more then just physical intruders I got as far as I could in Area 51 before I was met with an astral barrier a barrier designed to specifically keep out astral intruders such as myself and I never even knew these existed. What could be of such great importance that it is better guarded then Dulce base? from what I could see and from as far as I could make it I could see that indeed Area 51 had reversed engineered alien technology, Aurora is REAL and there were also benevolent extraterrestrials being held captive there in special confinements though I could not tell if this was done with the collaboration of malevolent ETs and humans or just by other fellow humans...the benevolent ETs were being forced to help in certain reverse engineering projects and being held captive so that they could not alert the masses as the deceptions of the government.

Just like physical intruders are often met with military jets and vehicles so was I met with military personnel who quickly began to chase and attack me they said that there would be retaliation in the form of a great shake what that had to do with me I will never know but I returned back to my physical form quickly after a while of being chased through the astral plane I awakened to find something even more disturbing.

Me and my roommate awakened at the same time both relaying encounters in the astral world with government agents however he had nothing to do with my trip to Area 51 so why was he targeted? according to him he had a "dream" in which he was walking around and found himself in a room with these business looking men who identified themselves as government officials and said that there were PILLS he had to take that he was ordered to take.

Of course my friend declined thankfully but he said that in the "dream" he left the room and yes they let him leave the room...he went outside to get a meal because he was hungry and he ordered a plate spaghetti (literally his favorite meal in the world) and he took a bit but then noticed weird long spaghetti like looking leeches in the spaghetti and then noticed it was in his mouth so he pulled out and spit out all of them but one, according to my friend he felt that in the dream he was tricked by the agents by being offered his favorite meal.

When I relayed my experiences with astral travel he was quite taken by it and even though he was not upset that he had some gotten involved with the whole Area 51 thing I promised to never astral travel when he is around but I could not promise I would stop seeking truth because if not me then who? not to sound arrogant but I find very few people who are willing to go THIS far. Me I don't mind because I feel this truth NEEDS to come out in whatever form but I do agree I need to be more responsible and conduct these travels when alone. I hope this story benefits someone and please remember to be careful if you are to test your luck as targeted astral traveling it can and will most likely be very dangerous make sure you are definitely up for the challenge and pls spread this story far and wide if you believe it has some merit or benefit.

Good Bless you

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