May 27, 2013

Mermaid Awakening

Earlier this morning I took a nap, I was really relaxed and calmed...while napping I had a dream that was so vivid and clear, I never saw a past life so clear and vivid, it was like I was there at this life, I was at a pool with some friends but I asked them if we could leave the pool and go swimming in the ocean, by this time it was night time. All my friends got in to swim in the sea but I, the one who proposed we go swim in the sea was afraid to get into the looked like the water was reflecting something so I was afraid to get in but eventually the water, I just couldn't resist, to me, water was like, like breathing so I jumped in and when I did everything slowed down...and it felt like I was in another dimension, soon as I hit the water, thunder and lightning started and so I told everyone to get out but people were fearful of me one of my friends that was with us there swimming was native american and he said to me: "dude we saw your past life it was powerful!" and that I had caused the thunder and lightning when my form shifted and I started talking in tongue, a language no one knew.

He said you don't remember? I said no I don't remember any of this! he laughed a bit and that is when I felt my bottom half was a fish tale and I woke up. Then I started thinking of all the signs throughout my life growing up, I lived in walking distance to the sea, I went there every the dream I remembered telling my friends to go to the sea because the pool water felt fake and toxic. Despite the signs, such as my natal chart showing me and psychics telling me I was aquatic, I guess I did not believe for some reason.

This is so weird but cool, I gained another piece of my past, a lot in my life clicks now, for example my favorite movie when I was a kid was the little mermaid and every single year for my birthday I asked for a little mermaid theme lol...I had the ariel doll, and when the song came on in the movie about her living on the surface, I would change the lyrics to reflect my desire to live in the sea, and I basically taught myself to swim, my sister drove me all the way to her friends house (it was far, about 2 1/2 hour drive) because her friend was a swimming instructor to teach me how to swim, she taught me how to float or something, I can't quite remember, but minutes later I was jumping off the diving board, it was like I remembered my natural habitat.

A long time ago someone told me that all my health problems are due to me not being in the ocean for over 9 years and that once I return I will be healthy and strong again, but their explanation was that it was because I grew up near the ocean so my body was used to it, now I see it had a deeper meaning. I wrote this awhile ago and it seems to make sense now that I had this dream, I always thought I was maybe channeling a mermaid but perhaps I was tapping into my own self.

Tale Of A Mermaid
It all began long long ago in a far off distant land
where the waters glistened and gleamed as if
she were made of diamonds. The water she was
alive you see, and she swam with me, spoke with
me and shared her own sorrows, but also she
shared how much she loved me. I played with her
children and she with mine, we all swam together
as if swimming through space itself, for she was the
sea of peace, it was infinite, there were no fears,
no worries, no wars, there was only serenity in all it's glory!
The dolphins were my neighbors, my teachers, my friends,
but my greatest friend of all was the sea herself, she gave life,
without her none shall be or ever has been, She is the queen,
the goddess of fertility, the mother of all creation, the mistress
of father sun, She is my home sweet home. She is Gaia's own
universe. I declare no one has truly lived until they have heard
the sea horse sing a song or two, or rode on the backs of whales
till dawn, or heard a humpback sing the blues. There is magic in
the sea, for ALL to see! More than can ever be found on land, for
in the sea is where the angels live and this majestic kingdom is
my heaven. I love and worship the sea for allowing me to be, for
her beauty, for her awesome power and fury, for the abundance
she provides, for all the mystery I have beheld and have yet to find.
For all the ways in which she heals me. She is truly a celestial empyrean.
Someday I will return to you and when I do, I shall never leave you, I will
anchor my spirit with you, and once again, we shall be as one.

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