Apr 23, 2013

The Temple And The Old Scrolls

So last night I had a dream that I was carrying all these old, old scrolls up some stairs, everything was so dusty, and cobwebs everywhere, everything was brown except the two thingies that hold the scrolls together, they were gold, very bright gold, the stairs seemed to go on forever and I was a boy! lol, a little bald headed boy, I looked like that one kid from Avatar lol strange thing is I always see this boy, I've seen him in one other vision I have had all my life, this vision is just weird, there are two others, boy and a girl in that vision, all of us bald, we are walking down a path inside what looks like a temple/royal palace, dressed all the same and the same as in the dream with the scrolls, it's a brown almost potato sack type hooded robe, the hall is HUGE I don't just mean length wise but also tall just seems to be bigger than Earth almost, on each side of us there are 8 pillars aligning the entry way, these pillars are just too huge for words, they are white or stone or something with two gold rings around the very top and the very bottom, the floors are made of very shiny and beautiful marble, it's so shiny it actually looks like cream and brown water, in the middle, on what we are walking, is a long, long carpet, it's deep red with gold and green I think, we all have brown sandals on but I can tell, the carpet is soft like rabbit fur, the walls in here are strange, because they seem alive or at least have an essence to them, they are white but not pure white, more like off white, and seem to have this swirling about them, the roof, well you can see out into pure space, you can see galaxies and nebulae and planets and stars and suns, supernovae, universes, etc everything is just there. The 3 of us are walking in unison as if the very walk down this hall/path IS itself meditation, as we reach the end of the path into this temple we reach what looks like in a church where the mass is spoken, there are 3 steps there and then a large chair and what looks like an altar.

Here at the 3 step we kneel together, perfectly aligned and still in unison, we each look at one another and smile, then we quickly look to the front and down, then as if we felt his coming, out comes a man from well I don't know where, he is sooooo tall and looks like gandalf lol...except he is more heavy set and is also wearing the type of brown potato sack robe but his is not hooded, he also carries a staff that looks like the staff of Moses.  When this man enters all play and jokes are put aside, we feel very deep and utter respect for whoever this man is, so much so that his very presence evokes a feeling of immense joy and reverence to the point of tears, one by one the man whispers in our ears something, then anoints our for head and kisses this place that was anointed as if to seal or bless it. We are simply kids, no older than say 10-12 years old but suddenly after this ceremony or whatever it is, we feel imbued with such wisdom but we are afraid to use it and so we hide it.

Back to the dream I had with the scrolls, I had so many scrolls that they were overflowing and kept falling, the staircase was a spiral type stair case but there was an old wall on either side, with very strange writing/markings on it. I had on the same robe as in the vision with the same little boy above. But in this dream I don't seem Asian (as in chinese/japanese etc at all. I know it is the same boy because the energy is the same but the facial features are different. He seems more native American, Spanish or Middle Eastern in the dream. He also seems very rushed as if he is in a hurry. I don't know why he or rather I am in a hurry in this dream. I am also chanting a strange dialect in this dream as if trying to memorize something, the dialect is so beautiful when I think about it I feel not worthy of hearing it, finally I reach the top, suddenly there is this light that aligns a doorway here and I transform, wings sprout and the wings are so big and white, they glow almost a blinding white light and then I wake up.

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