Aug 10, 2013

Learning To Fly: Extraterrestrial Contact

Note: A drawing of the ship is soon to come...will update this post with that image!
I haven't had a good astral contact experience with the star people for some time now but it happened last night! oh what a beautiful dream and if only I could describe the ship in words, I can't even draw it because I can't draw at all but I can see it in my minds eye, clear as day and it was a BEAUTIFUL ship, the most beautiful ship I have ever seen any of the star people use, it was a scout ship but it trumped many, many, of the motherships I have seen, simply beautiful. The dream started out by me seeing myself step out of my body, I turned to look at my sleeping body to be sure it would be OK and walked outside and looked up at the sky as if I was expecting them, I was filled with such great emotion, I think even in this state I KNEW it had been so long and I was anxious to see them again, I could feel my heart racing and I was overjoyed and a little emotional. I started to feel a very strong wind, almost like a whirlwind, I was barely able to stand. It was daytime, the sky was clear and the sun was shining brighter than normally but that paled in comparison to the light that had suddenly manifested in the middle of the sky. The light was extremely, extremely bright and like a soft golden color, the color itself was far more dull than the sun but brighter if that makes sense, it was so bright I feel to my knees and to the ground and covered my eyes, I wasn't afraid but the light was just so powerful.

From this light manifested a starship (scout ship for one of the star nations) they felt very arcturian to me but I think they were from my own star because they looked like Izarians. Arcturus is very close to Izar. The ship came down and landed and the beings walked out and greeted me with a strange greeting, I felt so much love from them but also they were very technological and wise. Two beings stayed behind near the ship and one came foward to me (there were 3 in total whch is another way I knew they were Izarians, my people seem to always come in 3 as said here: the one that came foward told me that I should try to learn how to fly the ship, with that said they either dematrialized or teleported out? I have no idea but they just vanished.

I am thinking they left so I could learn to fly it on my own but I couldn't do it on my own so I called another starseed like me to help me, we both entered the ship as they had left it open and the door closed behind us, seems the ship can pick up on thoughts because as I entered I thought the door should close so no one can come in (I was thinking government) and while inside I swear the ship looked Chinese as in I understood NOTHING, there were a million (it seemed) knobs and things and just very strange controls, everything was written in weird star people language, the only thing I could understand somehow is that I needed a special crystal to power the ship.

I had no idea where I'd find this crystal at all but I just thought OK well I will look around. My friend and I looked around but suddenly we both sensed we were being followed, we had no idea by who or what so we hid in some  bushes to see if the feeling passed but it never did so we got out and continued our search, whatever was following us was invisible. It felt like we were being watched from another realm or something. Finally my friend and I came upon a glowing bush, we reached in to it and there was a large crystal about the size of my hand, it was perfectly shaped like an obelisk and it was glowing. It had inside of it a merkaba/star of david.

My friend and I, I called her star'ra, with the crystal in hand began walking towards the ship, that is when what was following us became visible, they looked like agents, well more like presidential security but I know they weren't at all connected with the president for some reason but I could feel they were at least connected to the NSA...they kept demanding we give them the crystal, but I knew if I gave them the crystal me and my friend had history would be erased forever and not just the bad, fake history but ALL history, it would be like we never existed at all, like no one ever existed. So I held the crystal tight and ran as fast as I could, my friend close behind me, we ran faster and faster till we reached the ship, we hurried inside and put the crystal in a spot that had an opening/carving for the crystal.

Then the ship became conscious? and welcomed us in a computer voice by name, how the ship knew our name I don't know but it wasn't our born, given names. Suddenly I knew how to fly or at least somewhat, I took the handle that was shaped weird and lift it up but that made it not move, then I consciously thought move up and it did but not all the way up, it was so hard to drive this darn thing lol. It was partly mental and partly technology, you had to command the ship one way and move the stick another way! oh it was SO confusing! while I was doing this my friend looked over at me real quick and said, Ysh your skin! I was like what? she said your neck you're getting a rash from radiation! interestingly enough I did wake up with a rash on the back of my neck.

I just told her focus! I need to learn to fly this thing, finally we got off the ground but not enough, only a few feet off the ground, and we were bumping into stuff it was really embarrassing, finally I stabilized the ship and got it further off the ground but not enough to actually be flying in the sky. But I guess I got the hang of it somewhat but I wasn't able to learn enough cause the star people showed up again suddenly in the ship and they said: "We have to leave now they are coming and you are experiencing higher frequency effects, go now back to your self". With that said I woke up with a jolt.

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