Jun 5, 2010

Strange Dream Of Creation

I was standing about looking at a void space when I saw a bright white light bigger then all the suns of every universe possibly imaginable! I see this light start to form in to a humanoid shape of a light being, it was not physical but shaped ...I then saw this light begin to reach within it's heart chakra and from within it pulled out another light which it then formed into a star which he then pulled out another light which formed another star.

These two stars were taken and molten together to create rocks which were molded into perfectly circular balls of biological energy rocks or something of the sort, as I watched this being formed I saw that there was dust and debris and bits and pieces of rock that had been formed from the planets being molten together which is why we have meteors and comets and dust, so then I watched this being form an energy center in the middle of this dust formation of rocks which was then lit up like Hiroshima so very bright and I could feel the heat of it.

This was used as a light center to melt the ice that had formed over all the rocks (planets) due to the low temperatures of void space which then created oceans, rivers, lakes and so on which also caused the land to break apart in certain parts though certainly not all, then I saw that from the sun which was way to bright and hot bits and pieces were taken which ended up being millions upon trillions to make small suns (Stars) which were dumped about the universe creating small clusters of star systems such as Sirius and the Pleiades.
Then I saw that this being who had created all that there is had expanded itself creating another humanoid light being energy and that one created another and and another and all were assigned to be as Gods for each system.....the main being who had created all the other Gods had sucked up certain parts of space and took out stars causing a vacuum...a black hole (the universe to collapse within itself such as time folding) which served as a way for each God being to reach the prime source of creation when absolutely needed...these Gods became creators themselves (The Fathers) by literally taking and manipulating from their own DNA and forming it into what we call a human body which then was void of life such as space was (The Son) and from there they combined their energy centers which the vast amount of energy burst forth to create a perfect human soul (The Holy Spirit) this was the first human soul to ever be made.

From this human an opposite was created by genetically altering the DNA of the first human in to another void form which was created from the humans DNA structure, I saw these two humans mate creating more and more and more humans which eventually filled the planet, I saw these beings become infused with the knowledge to manipulate DNA allowing them to create various beings such as different types of animals and insects etc which helped in their evolutionary process though some did encounter set backs due to their creation which was a part of the whole plan anyways: creation, destruction, rebirth, creation, destruction etc etc...but also it had much to do with allowing all beings to experience the art of being.

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We're all made of star stuff and we're all on a return journey to remember who we are...one planet, one people, one universe.