Jun 5, 2010

E.T. Dream/Experience

Last nights "dream" or shall I say experience (below)...has led me to wonder if maybe this experience has anything to do with my last sighting of a UFO craft in the sky...I am not saying it does but perhaps it could be possible.

Obviously I believe that most dreams especially very lucid ones are more then just dreams and are a way for beings of a higher vibration to contact us as well as a way for the light (information) to physically manifest itself before us because we in the dream state or astral state whatever you wish to call it are out of our physical 3D environment so we can connect easily to other higher vibrational energies.

Therefor I was contacted last night by a beautiful glowing translucent being I don't know exactly where this being was from but I have a feeling it was from beyond Zeta even though the being looked like a grey, the eyes were not as big and the being was about 5 feet in height with pink almost translucent skin and had a sort of glow about her and yes the being clearly emanated female energy though there were no obvious feminine features such as breasts or hips but I could see that she was female in her face and also in her energy that was very motherly.
The dream began by seeing a large vehicle pass over head that CLEARLY was not of this earth, it was as large as a city block and seemed to be made of an onyx type metal material and it had no windows of any sort and according to the ET being none were needed because they could both project their consciousness to our dimension from the vehicle and be at many places at the same time and they could also teleport themselves in and out of the ship at will.

The ship landed in front of where I was standing which was outside from where I currently reside but remained hovering just above the ground and was shaped like a wedge with orange yellowish colored light underneath the craft....the lights were enormous and added up to 5 total lights, 2 sets on either side of the wedge and one at the very tip. The object was silent except for a very faint hum. The vehicle is controlled telepathically and powered by a type of purple whitish colored flame like energy...it was a strange type of propulsion system that is somewhere in the middle of the ship.

After the landing I was in an all white room suddenly and the room had no windows and no doors and in this "dream" or astral experience I did not even stop to think how I'd get in here with no windows or doors...there was only a desk and two chairs the being sat in one and I in another. The being began to talk to me telepathically and this is where I got the information of the ship for some reason the being wanted to share this first. Then I was told that I and others would begin to see an increase of ships in our skies that would eventually lead up to full on first contact but for now it had to be small massive sightings while disclosure unfolds as to lessen the shock value.

She refused to give me a date because she said that they do not go by linear time so I left it at that...I was also told that I would have more contact with her race as time goes by (I am going to do some digging to see if I can find out what race this might be). I was also told that later on in the future I would be shown how gems and crystals could be used on earth to harness energy.

Then suddenly I was met with silence and she said that I was about to witness one of their abilities because she had received approval to show me how they evade danger and detection whilst being on earth and that I would be shown this via a holographic projection (sorta like the danger room in the X Men) it looks real but it is just a training program....suddenly the program was activated and two government agents entered the room through a door with guns asking where the creature was and it seems that before they even noticed the being she (The ET) turned invisible so I just shrugged and asked what they were talking about.

Just like that they were gone and the program was ended they like their ships have the ability to cloak themselves so their could be any number of ships in our skies and we would not even know...we could walk right underneath one and not even know it!. This was fascinating stuff I was so excited to have had this experience and look forward to meeting with this being again in the future if possible.


I was sitting in chat when I noticed from my window which is directly behind my computer a strange light that caught my attention because it was so bright that it caused me to look up and first one light appeared that was white and shined like a planet and was the size of maybe a baseball and it blinked once then another light phased in right next to it and then they both blinked and then one light blinked which was the one on the right then the both of them blinked then one again then it morphed into one light and got smaller until it completely vanished both lights were the size of a baseball and were able to morph to one light as it vanished it made an S route to the sky and it appeared slightly tilted the whole time as well....below is a sketch I did though NOT the best lol.


someone in IL reported pretty much the same thing as I did at almost the same time!!!!...the report says: Looked as though it might have rings around it. It was extremely large and stationary. I thought it was much larger than when I saw Jupiter at it's brightest several years ago. I went inside and checked on
www.earthsky.org to see if maybe Saturn or another planet was visible tonight. Well, Saturn will be in March but it will be dim. Venus is visible but it is dim and we saw it tonight. There were no reports of other planets being visible. So then I saw the UFO Examiner website and saw the photo at the top of the page

To read the rest of this UFO report please visit this link:

I have been occasionally looking at other reports on the mufon reporting center and many people are reporting seeing almost the same if not something similar in the sky at the same time or earlier even right down to the helicopters!

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