Jun 4, 2010

The Mars Whisperer

I cant really categorize this as a dream because I was still half awake but I guess it was just before I began drifting off to sleep…you know that little in between time when your between the physical world and the astral world and I think a lot as I am going to sleep about different things usually about our star families and what the the star families would be doing etc.

Well this time I was thinking about if there were any space people who walk among us naturally and yes I know we are starseeds the same thing but I was thinking like full blood ETs I guess you could call them and then I was thinking if any had ever been sought out and harmed by our government/military and just as someone whispered in my ear:

We Are From Mars and you will know us by our special bracelet
Needless to say I jumped up and was nowhere near tired anymore but managed to get back to sleep and then I woke up feeling so different I felt like I had just drank 200 red bulls! lol I originally went to sleep at around 2:00AM and started dosing off about 2:22AM. I could not get back to sleep till about 4:30AM cause I was so excited it was so clear the whisper and loud to! like the Mars being was in the room right there next to me I did not hear him with my mind like I usually speak to ETs I heard him 3 dimensionally with my ear it was the coolest thing ever.

I could see the image of the bracelet in my mind and I will try to draw it out when I get a chance it was really beautiful and reminded me of the kind of stuff worn in the Ancient Egyptian times. I am guessing that maybe this ET was harmed when coming here or something I am not really sure but his voice was soothing and calm and re assuring and I felt no fear whatsoever in fact I was feeling an intense love and innocence surrounding me and I just woke up very different this morning, filled with a light that feels like it is surpassing the heavens with the majesty that is the red planet. I feel like I am what we all are and always have been…immortal, majestic and limitless playful energies.

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