Jun 4, 2010

My Travel With Ets

The ship I was on was called a service starship or what we on earth know as a scout ship which are commonly sent out to assist individual beings and entire civilizations from various worlds and galaxies, motherships are rarely involved and stay just above orbit.

The motherships from the planet’s view from where I was taken looked like giant stars in the sky the way Venus looks from earth and when looking at the mother ship from the planets surface the mothership looked like a star that was pulsating at a high rate because of it’s metallic composition and a sort of light or energy field surrounded the mother crafts at all time…I don’t know why though.

It all begin with me traveling up and out of my body through the assistance and guidance of two very beautiful human looking beings that seemed to radiate a white glow. They looked very much like me and you in appearance but had slightly larger skull structure and large rounded eyes (not like the grey).

The eye color was a very beautiful brown and one of them was female about 5-5′4 inches in height and slender and the other was a male about 6-4 inches tall and more muscular then the female with short black hair that was combed to the side at least from my interpretation and also had brown eyes, the female had long red hair about mid back length.

They both wore white sleeveless jumpsuits that looked as if it was their skin and the suit had what we call a turtle neck that went up tightly to just below their chin and I could see a small zipper in the back of their suites. On the front was an emblem of some type that made me feel very secure and loved but then again I felt this way the whole time it seems that everything that is involved with their race exudes a high amount of love and light energy and this emblem could be seen upon the motherships as well…The skin of these two beings looked very soft and was a soft tan color like an Italian native.

To my surprise they spoke with their mouths which is odd since every encounter I have had the beings speak with their minds…they chose to speak to me with their mouth but I did observe others in their world telepathically speaking. The ship I was astrally taken on was a silver saucer and was a glowing light blue almost turquoise color, the ship itself was glowing and created a blueish glow in the sky and the ground.

There was white light that emanated from a small section on the front of the ship that grew in size and seemed to be all around us and it felt very strange, I could feel a tingling sensation all around me, it was not painful it was just different, something I wasn't used to and as I entered this strange white light/energy I could hear a sort of static sound and I was immediately inside the craft.

Once inside the craft I could see that it was glowing inside as well but it was glowing white and the white glow seemed to come from the very make up of the ship like it was made with light but I could see that inside it had a slight metallic look to it and was very technologically savvy and there were many white chairs in the ship that also played a role in the ships controlling I could feel the chairs and the controls and the mind were linked.

They motioned me to sit and I could feel when I sat that I was secure so I looked around and I could see an outline of a circle on the floor in the middle of the vehicle and I could see the male open the circle with his mind and put a strange crystal object in the center of this circle/hole in the ship and I could then see swirling energy and I could see the crystal hovering slightly inside the circle before he closed the lid and this is when he sat back on the special chairs and from looking out of the big window I could see that a wormhole had opened up and this light that came from beneath the ship went in to the wormhole and I asked if others could see this from earth and I was told that at times very in tune individuals could see this and it would appear as a sudden flash of light in the sky that came from nowhere.

After this they both placed their hands upon a device that looked a black mirror like crystal ball and this caused a map of many galaxies to show up and I could see them typing in coordinates and I could see their hands begin to glow while on these weird globes and it looked as is if energy was being transmitted to these globes then to the propulsion then to the light that was being emitted to the wormhole and this psychic /magnetic energy field connected to where the coordinates belonged and helped the ship advance within the wormhole and out of it.

I could see the ship I was in advancing a MUCH larger ship and passing it by and I was amazed at the sheer size of this mothership it seemed to cover whatever planet we were advancing on.

I asked them if that was their mothership and they had said yes, I kind of figured this since the same writing that was on the service ship was on the mothership as well but I could not understand it so I asked them what it was and they said that it was the name of their ships which the best translation would be: Ki-Ta which they say means Spirit energy so I made a joke and said: Spirit energy! the only way to fly!…they laughed and then paused and said: Well that is the main idea. As we descended on their planet I began to take notice but first I wanted to ask them the name of their world but they said that I would not be able to pronounce it and they were right I could not and unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the star system all I could do was draw it.

They live in a world with two suns and one large moon and their planet looked a lot like ours but much much bigger and consisted of more then 15 large continents and beautiful water that was so bright it looked almost white and there was a very welcoming breeze and clouds that looked the way clouds USED to look on earth when I was growing up they had a very very small ice cap on the bottom of their world and they had no cement or anything that was unnatural everything was natural…their homes were made of crystals and the only thing that was made of metal was their vehicles which as stated were made of a strange metal that glowed.

They were very gentle and advanced even in their thinking they are very much like us believe it or not but they amazed me in the fact that instead of making laws to protect other citizens of their world they created things to prevent injury or harm or violence and crime of any kind in the first place and this caused them to live in harmony and peace. They explained this to me as I sat on the shore of their ocean surrounded by those of their kind…they told me as follows:

We do not have laws because we find ways to prevent abuse and injury and harm to ourselves and others in the first place because we do not like control and we do not find any need to become rich or in control because everything is free and there is no crime here and no laws. We are all equal and your earth would benefit from living as we do and we have proposed it to your governments many times but they do not believe in their own people. We see there are laws in your world for everything instead of making things to prevent your laws from being abused firsthand. You have laws against drunk driving and harsh punishments for doing so instead of creating a vehicle that is equipped with technology to determine if alcohol was consumed before entering the vehicle and if so the vehicle could not be accessed.

Why haven’t we thought of this? of course they said they do not recommend drinking but they said that when dealing with change it would have to be in baby steps they say that change is not easy for those on earth and it is true…most earthly inhabitants do not like change sadly. They said that many star nations are currently doing their best to work openly with those from earth, they said they are grateful to me and other lightworkers for integrating light on earth because we are assisting the cause of make planet earth a peaceful galactic nation.

They explained that there ARE those in government who are actually also working towards the cause and there are those who have consciously chosen to work with the light and a service to all mentality and is the reason why there is information being released by various countries regarding  the truth about existence of star nations and their involvement in our world and is the reason why now these issues are taken seriously by the mainstream media in America.

They said that soon our world to will adopt a monetary free society like the rest of the galactic civilization but it has to come about very slowly, they said that first the human race would first have to know that when this does happen they will be able to depend on some form of assistance that would make them sure they would not struggle more and that this would come about very soon….they also said that the US would follow another country in releasing information on free energy and positive technology and natural living.

Now they must of read my mind literally because then the conversation shifted to the state of first contact on earth and they said that this would take place very soon simultaneously and would be an event like the phoenix lights but on a mass scale and this would happen over a period of days, slowly as to not alarm the general public. They said that they could not give me a date to give to the world but that it was imminent following northern disclosure…hmmm.

Then I saw the male that was with the female in the ship extend his hand and in it was a diamond of white swirling fire about the size of a baseball and I was asked if I would like to obtain the Aedonian key..they explained that it would make contact between myself and their world much easier and that it would make me aware of many things in my own world.

I agreed and they asked me to breath in deeply and hold it for a while and it was then that the male took this fire type diamond and seemed to make it go within my body and I could feel the heat of it enter the middle of my upper body just below my chest and above my stomach it was tickling and was very strange but it was then that I awoke in my bed with all of this that had occurred being blurry but I felt better then I had ever felt in my life, like I was brand new and I instantly remembered every detail and I hope to connect with them in their world again soon and I hope, they are a beautiful civilization and we could all learn a lot from them.

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