Jan 29, 2012

Egyptian Initiation

This dream was quite the experience because it all took place in the astral in Egypt but I woke up with definite physical proof on my body. Well in the dream I was met by a pharaoh and we were in Egypt in a pyramid temple And he said that all Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (children of Egypt) were actually Sirians and that it was my turn to become as them, as the family. I remember walking through a hall and seeing torches and a large snake, it felt as though my fearlessness was being tested. Then I was seated in a room after passing the hall of the serpent and fire, he took out a weird tool and drew a line under my eye to represent Horus and the completion of the initiation, he said something I don’t understand though:

He said after this I would be no longer part human but all sirian, fully integrated

It hurt so bad when he drew that line and I bled a little, then I woke up this morning and saw the same thing on my eye! the area where my eye was cut really hurts and I woke up with an actual mark in the same location that the mark of Horus had been carved in to my flesh, also in the dream I was told that Ankhs were going to follow me around as a connection to the celestial family and for protection, funny thing is that my boyfriend had woke and gone to the bathroom and as he did he saw an image of a symmetrically perfect Ankh was imprinted on the bathroom wall, you can feel the outline, we tried scrubbing and everything to try to get it off but it wont come off.

I was also told that new information would be made available shortly after, below are the pictures of my eye, the cut you see was not created by my cat, my cat that night was in my daughters room and the door was closed the whole night, and I don’t have any nails to do that, (I bite my nails :-\), the cut is in the same area as the one in the dream and it is cut the same way it was drawn in the dream:

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