Jul 6, 2012

The Raven Experience: A Lesson From Beyond

So I woke up this morning completely awestruck…I had a dream or rather astral experience? in which I think I was upset about something, I don’t even remember what, and this old lady kept appearing, she looked like the hag lady that the evil queen transforms into that gives snow white a poison apple, well this lady came to me 3 times, the first two times she kept offering me some weird sack of dirt and small rocks to use to throw at the person upsetting me and she said it would keep me from ever being bothered by this person again, the sack itself had large holes in it so I really don’t understand how the dirt and little rocks weren't falling from the holes lol. I kept ignoring the lady but by the third time I realized I had to make a choice, take the sack and use it to get even or just say no…hmm, so by the third time when she came back, I literally zoomed OUT of the situation, I used my eyes like superman does to see far distances, he zooms in but this was in reverse I was zooming back and saw the whole picture, and I saw how frail and tired she was, so I zoomed back to normal view and I took the old lady by her arm gentle and I said:

Ma’am why don’t you rest here on my couch instead, you seem very tired, here let me help you.

Then next thing I know, as I laid her down, I heard a raven cawing or rawing or whatever ravens do LOL, 3 times, at a window nearby, I looked at the window and when I looked back at the old lady she was not frail anymore, she smiled at me and vanished, then the raven flew in the window and flew back and forth before perching herself/himself (wasn't sure of the sex until later on) on a beam that was above the window, the raven was standing tall and seemed to look very proud of me. That’s when in the dream/astral I told myself:
I passed a test! I was being tested! and then I looked up at my Raven and said…that’s my totem! and I could hear my Raven Totem tell me that he was very proud of me, he said now we will become one, and I will gain his wisdom and abilities, and that because my soul passed this very difficult test, I would realize upon waking up that I had already taken it, and I had Deja Vu as I wrote this! he said he would be watching over me always now and that he would always stand perched on my shoulder in spirit.

I woke up feeling illuminated and refreshed like never before, but humbled that I had no idea I was even taking a test, and that I did not choose to think about myself because had I chosen to take the dirt and rocks I would of been serving myself, had I chosen NOT to take the dirt and rocks I would of STILL been serving myself in that I would want to be doing so only because it was the right thing for me..so again it was me, me, me, so I chose to instead help the old lady who seemed really frail, I thought beyond the scope of self, and thought, who cares what is going on with me? why am I even angry? when this poor lady is obviously in no condition to be offering such things, perhaps she should rest, I saw myself in her even though she was suggesting something malicious, I saw past that to the goodness of her heart and I saw past the illusion of the situation and in to the “heart” of the matter.

Ravens and crows but especially Ravens are known to shape shift/transform to tempt and test us, especially before they become our totems, I thought I had a raven as a totem a while ago but I suppose that was just a visit, this was different, I believe I had to EARN the Raven as my totem, but more then that, I believe I had to ascend to another level of awareness in order to be at a level of vibration that would match that of the Raven so that the Raven would be able to present himself to me as my totem. Funny thing is that just before this experience I was asked by Archangel Michael to remove my silver necklace because there was a lesson I had to learn, and that I wouldn't like it because I felt really bare with out my necklace….

I wondered why? I haven’t taken this off in about a year or two, so why on EARTH would Michael ask me to do this? then this morning when reading up on Raven totems I was floored to find that an article said that Ravens are very fond of “shiny things” and that if something shiny catches their attention, they will steal it and you will never find it again, hahahahha, I laughed so hard when I read that! I couldn't believe it. So now I have been given the OK to put it back on, I suppose if I had the necklace on in the dream it would of caught the Ravens attention and somehow the necklace would of gone missing in the physical world lol!

One of the articles I read about the Raven totem says that Ravens often caw or whatever they do when something is not right but that they also do it to show their approval, one man went on to explain that when he is about to plant one of his plants in the wrong place, there is complete silence from the Ravens but that when he plants it in the right place they will caw a few times loudly to show that he is planting it in the correct place, he goes on to say that when he just ignores them and plants where they have not cawed to plant, the plants usually do not survive or he has to switch places to the place where the Ravens were telling him to plant in the first place lol! I knew the moment I saw that Raven at the window and heard the Raven caw, that I was being told I did the right thing, but we also spoke telepathically….I have a lot of reading up to do about Raven Totems.

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