Jun 15, 2012

A Message From The Sea (Poseidon “King Of Atlantis” Makes Contact)

Last night I had a dream with Poseidon… first time ever to be given such an honor. I was riding on dolphins and singing with whales, it was the most spectacular dream of my life, in the dream water communicated with things by “touch” every time I ran my hand in the sea the water sent information through my skin or something like that, and the sand served as a cleansing agent, I would rub it on my skin to take off any toxins/impurities to help the water transmit information through my skin easier. The information transferred through my cells and to my brain and came in the form of pictures.

This is what I saw:

First picture I saw was HOT water, literally bubbling hot water, I asked Poseidon what is this and he said: The ocean is sick and is trying to heal itself.

Second image I saw was black water = Oil

Third image I saw was a yellow wave with a rainbow that was anchored in the sky, I asked Poseidon and what does this mean? he said, the angels were uniting their rays to cleans the sea because if the sea is sick, so is the land.

Fourth Image I saw was a giant crystal rising out of the middle of the sea and I asked what is this!? he said, it is the answer to all our problems.

After this, I was kissed on the forehead by Poseidon, and I asked (get this lol) why I loved him so much, and he said I was his daughter. That is when I woke up. The dream was quite powerful, can it be taken literally? I don’t know but, the message was clear and to the point, regardless if I am his daughter or not, we are destroying our oceans by relying on oil. The oil companies are in turn destroying our lands because the ocean communicates with the land and then it is somehow relevant to us. This blew me away!

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