Nov 19, 2012

Divine Feminine And The Indian Chief

My dreams make no sense! well they do when I am dreaming lol. In last nights dream, I was on an island with some people and my roommate, there was a bone fire I think, it was night time, my roommate said the a chief wanted to speak with me, I found it odd there was a chief there since I wasn't aware we were in an tribes or anything, but then realized strangely that we were on a beach on the island of Hawaii, so of course being this was an elder out of respect I went immediately, he did not look Hawaiian! but the other people around him did, as I entered the area where he was there was some sort of ritual going on, there was dancing and chanting and more fire. I asked why all the fire? the chief said:

We are purifying the world for the return of the great lady. I took that to mean the divine feminine. After the fire burned out the music changed from a jungle type music or something to a soft ambient type, all sat in a circle, I sat in the middle of the circle Indian style. Then incense was lit and the chief said to me:
Do you know what age we are in? I said no chief and he said to me:
We are in the age of Adam (also the atoms). I said to him, that makes no sense and he told me to shush and be quiet LOL then he said:

We are now entering the age of Eve and the electrons...I said huh? and he told me to be quiet again that it's not for me to understand at this moment the code but simply to know it. And that Id forget when I woke up because my mind would have to download it for a moment then Id remember again by asking my brain to upload it. I started laughing and said OK and I think I even woke up giggling from the dream LOL

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