Jan 7, 2013

Dream: Awakening The Sleeping Ones

This dream has left me quite confused and a bit shaken, and believe me i've tried to understand it but I just become more confused. In the dream I was at a party, the atmosphere felt rather old and dark and dusty. It was like an old ballroom. But everyone was asleep on blue cots on their stomach, every one was in black, most seemed young, I was the only one awake and I was awake and wearing some kind of mask.

There was someone there with me though, I couldn't see him though but I could feel him, he was so close, he felt angelic and really powerful. It was like he was teaching me something, it felt very intimate I don’t know why. He led me down this hall and up these stairs, once at the top I kept hearing a baby cry, I was getting desperate to find this child! Motherly instinct was going insane! The angel seemed to guide me to it but what it turned to be was very disturbing, I saw a baby crawl out of a furnace

At first I was like aw but then it became a child with a familiar face that morphed into a demonic like pigs face! I heard a woman scream, I was afraid at first but then that angel was closer, I could feel his breath on my neck, and he said: don’t be afraid, figure out what it means. I think he said this 3 times, the dream was too much for me I think because I think I started to pass out in his arms even though I couldn't see him, that’s when I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart beating very fast…what do you make of this? I don’t know if this has any meaning but I was in a red satin or silk dress...below is an interpretation:
InterpretationThis dream is very strange indeed, the most important part for me seems to be the sleeping people, the Angelic presence and most of all the baby. It has a strong essence to me of something or somethings being born into the world or on closer realms which may be to some people considered an evil thing but may not be necessarily so, the fact that the presence told you not to be afraid would suggest this.
I have had quite a few dreams lately which have contained fire and the color red, this color is of cause often associated with Demonic or Evil entities but for me it is the Spiritual essence of the Goddess Ishtar, the Lady Babylon and the Elementals of Fire.
I believe the people on the blue cots are ‘Spiritually sleeping’ in need of being awakened to a presence which is awakening in the world to which they remain blind, this awakening represented in the birth of the baby from the fire.
Blue after all is the most Spiritual of colors along with purple but they are wearing black which sometimes represents binding and unseeing . . . I have felt for some time that there are two forces rising in this world . . . one is negative, political and seeks to use Magick and power to imprison and yet another is of pure creation and seeks to liberate those who are blind to the transitions around them and the danger of those who would oppress.
Red is a color which is sacred to the Goddesses Ishtar and Inanna and the power at present is rising.
I have noted of late a merging of the orthodox and the pagan on the sides of light and darkness and on a deeper level the need for a balance between the two as I discussed once in a piece which referred to the Dark Crystal film if you remember . . . in some way I believe your dream may be connected to this.
Interpretation thanks to my dear friend John.

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