Jan 28, 2012

The Guardian And The Holy Mark

I had a dream that I have shared with very little folk….I had a dream I was on my way to my usual duties shopping, paying bills etc and I took a public train as I usually do but I felt that God wanted me to continue on in the train and miss my usual stop so I did this and I noticed that the train was not going through the city as it usually does in fact the further the train went the less populated the area became and then suddenly I was like in a jungle and it reminded me of the Mayan jungles.

Suddenly I saw the area was under much distress and flooding and I heard a voice, it was ETs contacting me and saying that I had to help the survivors, so of course I wanted to help others. So as the train neared the stop I noticed a small cottage like house practically under water and some old people, a man and a woman standing on the roof barely clinging to the roof which was almost under water.

I noticed my train was then derailing but I was not scared, the ET voice came back and said:

Fearless child you are safe

I remember smiling and extending my hand to pull the survivors to safety somehow to a patch of dry land, they looked very Mayan and I could not understand them nor they me but somehow we understood each other via the language of light. So we kept on going and suddenly we came to a bridge and the bridge had a gap in it so we decided to stop and rest for a moment and I rested for a bit when suddenly I felt like we were not alone.
The voice seemed closer now and suddenly, I felt safe and incredibly loved and full of cosmic energy that radiated everywhere, but I wondered about the couple so I looked back and they were not alarmed or alerted so I walked towards the water and up out of the water rose a giant white glowing orb UFO and it was like an organic life form that was a carrier of messages from ETs because ETs did not want to come down themselves for fear of violence from the US Government.

Of course I was still a bit hesitant to approach the vehicle and I approached cautiously but to my surprise as I did the vehicle would also move back a bit as if showing signs of being cautious as well, that surprised me and after a while of our little caution games we both approached each other. Then I touched the vehicle with my right hand and my hand went inside the white glowing orb and I could feel this warmth on my hand and I felt a love like no other and I felt safe so much so that in my dream I cried of joy (I actually woke up with tears) and when I removed my hand from the vehicle I had a mark on it, just a glowing blob of light that covered my hand and then it became invisible within my hand.

I asked the ship what was going on and the ship said that I had been chosen as Gods chosen but not as gods chosen children or anything like that because we are all his chosen children but as one of Gods chosen guardians of earth to guide humanity to peace in to the golden age, at least that is how the dream went, after that I could understand the couple who were with me and I led them to safety, I was also told that unlike the mark trying to be given by the USG that this mark is purely astral and then I awakened from my dream.

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