Jan 28, 2012

The Angel And The Demon

12 Years of age: I went to sleep and had a very frighting experience, I went to sleep and woke up again in my sleep by a rumbling sound coming from the floor and as I looked from the top of my bunk bed there was a hole opening on the floor and I could see all sorts of flames coming out, then a huge ugly beast came out and ripped my soul out, as I watched horrified as my soul got ripped out I noticed the same thing happening above me, a hole began to open up on the ceiling and I saw beautiful clouds and then an angel appeared and took my soul back and put it back inside my body. The demon then ripped it out again and the angel took it back and put it back in me, this continued for a while till the angel finally won and she hovered there looking at me smiling and said:

You have a very important task and in the future you will figure it out but even when you do there will be an even greater task that will reveal itself after you figure out your mission. You are like me.

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