Jun 5, 1999

The White Glowing Being: 911 Warning?

This was a very unusual encounter because up until this encounter I had no idea they did not have to abduct you in order to communicate, they like ghosts can communicate with you via your dreams... this being manipulated my dreams so that he could share with me some revelations which today some parts make sense yet others still remain a mystery. But right now let's get to describing what I encountered...I was on a plane, a regular 747 headed to NYC, I was by myself on the flight and everything was in order...the flight took off as planned and it was going smoothly so far when I noticed that in the vacant see near me there was a man dressed in a white robe which seemed to emanate a white glow from head to toe while the man resembled a tanned middle eastern man he was completely dressed in white and had a white glow.

This being was very beautiful and very no nonsense, he calmly told me that the plane I was on was going to fall once it arrived in NY NY and that it was all part of an awakening process that had to jolt the earth from it's hinges but that I should not panic as I would be spared...I was one of them with a mission that I had to still pursue and that I had to learn from earth about myself, of course the latter part makes a lot of sense as I am a starseed but the plane and whether it was related to 9/11 is still unknown to me.

Just as this being said his final words and vanished the plane began to move really insanely... I knew what was going to happen and as I braced myself everything went black and then a few minutes later I woke up and walked out of the wreckage with not even a scratch on me, as I climbed out of the massive unusual hole that was caused by the plane which looked more like a meteor hit, I looked around NYC and saw nothing but smoke ....nothing else was visible then there was a clearing and I saw millions of more beings like the one on the plain who warned me holding their arms out to me and asking me if I wanted to continue my duty on earth knowing how hard it is now...I do not know why they gave me a second choice but I agreed, AGAIN to remain on earth and continue my mission..

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