Nov 29, 2008

Pleiadean Contact

Last night I met with Sahaja (sp?), a pleiadian who I meet with from time to time, we met on a pleiadian command ship but the meeting was very brief though I wish it could have been longer as pleiadians are such wonderful loving beings however what she told me left me a bit shaken and I hope it doesn't come to pass, but if it does I was also told that I will be specifically "activated" further to ease communication between myself and other starseed.

I was told by Sahaja that as early as 2009 the earth's power grid will go down for at least 3 months, this I was told by a friend (Anya ) who I related the encounter and message and was the first to be told about power grids to that it was due to extreme solar flares.

Sahaja did not seem very urgent which to me means it is not a big deal however for those people out there who are basically servants of technology should this come to pass would seem like the end of the world but it's not and it wont last forever, I mean if this thing does happen up to 3 months is not a big deal and just think of it this will save on your bills!

While in contact with Sahaja I asked her about the Asteroid that fell in Canada, I asked what that was about and her response? "This is only the beginning of earth's reconstruction" hm I think I already knew that though, however I think I wanted some confirmation other than myself, I told her that I felt the earth was really changing and said that I was not afraid for me but for those who do not want to see...but she said it is their free will to be as such.

With that our contact was terminated and I woke up in my bed actually feeling better than I have in years, I woke up feeling super energized and refreshed thanks to our encounter which happens often when I meet with a pleiadian, I am always filled with such great, positive and loving energy that it lasts quite a while! long enough for me to spread it to other people...this is all for now but as always when contact happens again you will be first to hear about it

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