Feb 4, 2013

Legend Of The Wolf

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Last night was the most fun I've ever had in the Astral/Dream world. I even woke up from the dream with my heart racing and I was even a bit out of breath! As many of you know I live in a home where the back yard opens up to woods. I often go back there to commune with nature/spirits, sometimes my cat comes with. I moved back here after some chaos happened and it did not work out moving to Minnesota, but I used to live in this house a long, long, time ago. At the time I had a beautiful dog named Kato (Pure Akita) and we would go back there and run through the woods lol, it was such a thrill...sometimes when the moon was right and the nights were cool but not cold, you could hear the owls and sometimes even you could sense there was more to these woods, allegedly the house sits on a native american burial ground but that's just legend, no one really knows if it's true.

But could this legend have spawned the various experiences that I experienced when in these woods? maybe. One time I was out with my dog in the woods and it was near night time, everything was quite. My dog wasn't running like he usually does it was more like we were walking fast lol. I heard a noise but I thought maybe it was my imagination then my dog perked his ears and stood still and looked at me, I told him, I have no idea Kato..we continued and sat in a clearing that had a tree knocked over, while there we could swear we heard what sounded like a mix between howler monkeys and dogs. It was a very odd experience, we weren't frightened by it, I guess I felt like there were some interesting nature spirits along for the journey. I've always loved nature spirits and animals and the woods so last nights dream was simply the most fun dream I think I have ever had.

In the dream I woke up and walked outside, it was night time and the sky was crystal clear, you could see the stars clearly, in the dream it was cool and quite, I walked around to the back and stood right at the opening of the woods (you can see it in the pic above) and I saw a wolf. Your typical timber grey wolf. I stood there staring at him and he at me, we locked eyes and it was the most bizarre thing because I couldn't look away and neither could he, it was like there was some type of communication going on. Suddenly we broke eye contact and the wolf ran in to the woods, I ran behind him and we started to weave in and out of the trees, eventually we were side by side and the wolf would look at me and I at him and I could FEEL that the wolf was having a great time, I was too, it was like it was a test or something of who could run the fastest. Then, other wolves joined in and we were all running like crazies through the woods.

I ran faster and faster but I couldn't out run the wolves lol...not by a long shot but still, I wasn't really interested in being the fastest, I was simply enjoying the moment...I could feel the air and a hint of the leaves caressing my skin as I ran by, and the thrill in my soul. I felt free, every worry and care was gone from my mind and I was one with nature. After some time I reached the street and I looked back and saw the one wolf standing at the edge of the woods as if saying good bye, he nodded his head a bit and I smiled, he walked back in to the woods and I was met by my cat, my cat and I walked down the street and to the house. But, I picked up my cat wasn't ready to return home just yet, so we walked past and continued on down the path. I stopped for a minute to fix my shoes when I noticed a shadowy figure coming down the street. I knew it was a man, he seemed to have his hands in his pockets and was simply observing me and the woods, I felt that he was protecting those woods and making sure whoever went in there was supposed to be in there. I sensed he could read my heart. After a while I returned home with my cat and then I woke from my dream and I truly felt like I had been running all night, my heart was beating really fast and I was even a bit out of breath. I felt energized and invigorated though, as if I had gotten a whole body scrub lol.

When I woke up and thought about the dream I had remembered suddenly a very odd incident that happened while my biological sister was living here for a bit, we were outside talking near the woods, our kids were playing together, it was night time, it was really late so it was really quite and our 4 neighbors were sleeping I imagine, after some time our conversation was interrupted by the sound of howling! I am dead serious when I say this, the look on OUR faces was priceless cause I can only imagine mine, my sister grabbed her daughter and ran inside, she looked extremely frightened. I told my daughter to go back inside with them but I was standing there completely puzzled, wolves? in this area? that's impossible! I said to myself...I haven't heard any howling since but, that night really freaked me out a bit, I wasn't afraid that there might be wolves in the woods but I was more so surprised...remembering that incident and having that dream has really made me think about these woods and what might be there.

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