Feb 13, 2013

Soul Lesson: Journey To The Land Of Canaan

In this dream I journeyed to Canaan. Wrapped in cream colored linen from head to toe. I have journeyed many times to many distant lands in my astral travels but never to such a land as Canaan. The journey even in astral form was difficult, tiring, hot, and what I thought at first was lonely, as I was only accompanied by my beloved friend the crow, it seemed though as if I were not as alone as I thought however, It was as if a spirit was guiding me, journeying with me from the invisible, as if invisible foot prints walked besides me. I seemed to hurry with no where to go I was going to Canaan but was at the same time already there. Nothing but the desert lay ahead and as far as the eye could see.

I can not prove this dream/astral experience or any other, I only share them here so that my human self can make sense of them, these dreams aren't normal dreams, my soul travels, and it travels far and lucidly, I could feel the sand softly on my skin as the hot desert air blew in every direction. I walked, and walked, and walked, the crow flew and flew and flew, the sun, Ra, wasn't the least bit lenient, the blazing heat fell upon my body with such great force, I covered my face with the linen wrap and held it against my mouth to stop the sand from entering. Just as I began to question the purpose of this journey I heard a voice, a very strong male voice,...it was so powerful that even my insides trembled when the voice spoke not out of fear but out of the shear power, vibrations, force,...like a very strong bass emanating from the whole of the Earth, yet I could understand it's words...was it God? I don't know, it cold be anyone of a very high vibration.

It spoke....Canaan, Canaan! you must go and continue your journey to the land of Canaan!

I thought to myself, I AM going to the land of Canaan! what is it with you, do you not see? I wasn't angry but just being a bit of a smart ass, the voice spoke again, no! you must go with your whole self, you must go in spirit as well as in body. Then I was raised up and I saw myself journeying below to the land of Canaan, down below, it was my body, I was spirit. I saw myself a dead heaping pile of flesh, it was nothing with out the spirit, simply, a mindless walking tomb. I watched and saw and felt how completely lifeless it was with out ME, I knew I was in charge of it, it was my vehicle and it possessed great courage and such drive and determination but the spirit had gone from it, it meant nothing yet I felt such a great and powerful love for it, I asked the voice, why do you show me this? the voice spoke again, so you can see that many walk but do not journey, many live but do not have life.

I reentered my body and I felt alive again, this body was filled with life once more and I journeyed on this time with out question, with out doubt, I trusted wholly in my being, in my sense of purpose, in the I AM but as with all flesh bound by the physical world of man, the questions arose again, I pondered, what was the journey itself for? why to the land of Canaan? the voice spoke again: Journey until you find yourself, until you find me. I said to the voice, did I not find myself already when you raised me up? did I not see the power of spirit over the flesh? and the voice responded: Yes, but you have not allowed yourself the freedom of expression through your flesh, your spirit is there but with out expression it is as dead as your flesh. continue to walk until you find what it is you are looking for.

Then I woke from the dream/astral experience and I could still feel the hot sand beneath my feat, I wore sandals but the sand got in and it was very hot and I even felt extremely hot as if I carried over the heat of the blazing sun. I thought to read up about Canaan when I woke up, I think I will do that, the part in the dream about the creative expression is very accurate, I do not express my spirit as much as I'd like to, neither do I know exactly how it is I am supposed to, so while I feel personally that I have some wisdom to share, I do not express it and so a lot of my "life" is held down by the physical ailment of Ego, the Ego tells me, you can not do this, you aren't good enough, this is not true and I must transcend this....makes sense to me. But there was so much about this dream, so much to this dream that I can't even begin to decipher it any time soon much more then this, I feel I have some reading to do, feel free to share your thoughts!

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