Nov 29, 2013

Comet ISON And NSA Intrusion

This was a rather odd dream, I haven't dreamt of the NSA in a while, I still feel kind of odd and grimey after having dreamt with them, I think a cleansing is in order but anyways, the dream started by me seeing a round golden sphere outside in the sky and getting extremely excited (why I associated this golden sphere with the comet ISON is beyond me), it was sitting next to our sun and it was about half the size and perfectly round glowing golden in color. I told my friend look, look! it's comet ISON in the sky, we can finally see it!

My friend laughed at how excited I was knowing I love seeing celestial things like comets and meteors etc. So we went outside for a better look and I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures but then the camera was messing up, it was having like weird digital problems, and I looked at the camera and thought to myself maybe it's because of ISONs energy? so I just looked at ISON and focused my love on it and my joy that it was here. Then it sent out like a pulse or something through the whole sky and small golden meteor like spheres started falling from the whole of the sky.

It looked like it was raining almost but it was small golden meteors falling to the earth, it looked like the stars were falling but they were golden. I told my friend, are those ships? I think those are ships landing! right as soon as I said that a bus pulled up, and a man in typical NSA garb, pulled us all on to the bus and took us to this base somewhere, we couldn't see where we were going so I have no idea where the base was.

At the base the man started saying we weren't supposed to see that, that they were trying to cover it up. I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about. Finally the NSA guy let us go and told us if we keep seeing things we aren't supposed to "SEE" we will be returned there and held indenfiftly.

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