Feb 3, 2014

Starship Healing

I dreamed I was in a lobby of a building, I had to go in to several elevators, (I think they were dimensions) finally at the last elevator it opened up to what look like when you go to board a plane but it was very bright and lit up by white light and very modern looking. There were rows of rectangular very bright white lights all along the middle of the floor and on the ceiling. I walked and it seemed like forever down this corridor that seemed to turn endlessly, finally I walked through this white light that engulfed everything and I was instantly in some type of healing cube inside a ship. I could see out the windows of the ship and see stars and planets.

This light was scanning my body it was orange...it was just a sphere of light and it was moving from my head to my toes, it did this 3 times and stopped at my stomach, than the light turned green slowly and lowered itself on to my stomach until I couldn't see it anymore, there was a screen near by where I could see inside of me, I saw this green sphere inside me clearing out icky black stuff. My stomach started to glow different colors and it came up out of my stomach the green light with swirls of black stuff inside of it and moved over towards a strange machine and unloaded the nasty black stuff. In the dream I felt myself not be sick anymore.

But these star beings entered the room once the black stuff was contained and held my hand and smiled (they were so beautiful but very weird looking lol) they told me telepathically that I would still feel a bit sick when I woke up but as the day went on i'd gradually feel better and I do! In the dream they helped me walk over to a round type of room, with all these modern and futuristic machines..they offered me some soup/liquid to drink, it was incredibly delicious, I really haven't tasted anything like that in my life...I finished the soup and was laid on this floating bed and I woke up.

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