May 12, 2010

Stargate Dream

Thankfully I took sometime to process, analyze and jot down all of the info in my offline spiritual Journey's book I have, it is a very HUGE binder containing everything I ever experienced spiritual from the age of 8 to the present, it is sort of like a spiritual diary of sorts and it is my most precious asset I think if I were to loose that book my whole life would just crumble. That book is just so near and dear to me it has messages from ETs not even published here, other experiences I have had, dreams, visions, revelations and so on, I plan on filling it and one day and handing it over to my daughter so she can do the same if she likes.

So I want to share a really interesting dream I had last night. I am a real big fan of stargate SG-1 tv series, LOVE the show, it's got to be the best in the world lol and anyone would say well of course your dreaming about stargates your fav show is stargate sg-1 but truth is I never dream about movies unfortunately and this dream was very much real and though I know for a fact there was more to the dream I can only remember the last bit of the experience.

Instead of calling this a dream though I will call it an OBE or astral experience because to me that is what it was. The dream involved meeting with the commander of the Ashtar command at the main ship which I know is docked just outside of earth orbit. I remember sitting at a chair and speaking with Sheran who was talking with me telepathically, he said a bunch of stuff but I only remember the part in which he spoke of a stargate and it's important connection to the summer solstice.
He said that stargates are real (which I did not know) and that I should research stargate technology and stargates in general because of my very important role, then he said I am to keep the stargates open, he seemed worried and I could sense he was worried about the earth and humanity and somehow this stargate had something to do with alternate realities as well as travel. I always hate when our time ends...our meeting did not last long at all, unfortunately it seems that when I am on a ship or on another planet time goes way way way too fast.

So I did some research and found somethings out, however before that I have to tell you about the whole significance of summer solstice, for some reason for months now I have been seeing June 21st all over the place, in pages of newspapers or magazines that just happen to fall to the ground in front of me as I walk by, as soon as I turn on the TV I see it flash across the screen, when I turn on the radio someone happens to be talking about it, I see it on the computer and just about everywhere, even my general check up appointment is set for June 21st!

Why is this date following me around? and furthermore I told a friend about this date and how it keeps popping up and he related that he had a dream about June 21st and he dreamed that he saw the date and beneath the date it said: dead! so as you can imagine I was on the hunt for information because I wanted to know what the 2010 summer solstice (which falls on June 21st) has to do with me and stargates and I came across some information which says that some stargates are usually great tools for adverting major catastrophic disasters as well as for travel of course, here is an excerpt of the article:

The times at which these entry vortexes are opened (once every 3 months on the equinoxes and solstices, and other times as called for) are times of sacred significance and astrological alignment in Earth's current history. Through the Stargates, we, the inhabitants of the physical Earth plane, are able to assist in shifting the "reality" of catastrophic Earth changes which are characteristic of "doom and gloom" predictions. The shift in reality occurs when the Group Consciousness facilitates a balanced dispersion of the high, intense energies, which might have otherwise caused the Earth to "rock and roll". This "rock and roll" effect would have been the result, in part, of the incompatible absorption of the incoming energies, into the physical layers of the Earth.

I also wonder if this has to do with the fact that I did some chakra work the other night, the first time in 2 or 3 months, before then I had not had any contact really with Sheran or other entities I usually commune with and I propose it is because my chakras were blocked and now that they have been re activated I assume contact will continue and enhance as long as I continue regularly working with my chakras to fine tune my energy enough so that I can receive the higher energies of the ETs or maybe they were just busy, I am quite sure they have a life as well :).

So my conclusion is that there may be a terrible catastrophic event that will take place on June 21st and I have to try and keep the strgate(s) open and activated in order to shift the reality and prevent whatever is in the time line from occurring, OK cool but ummm now how do you do that???

P.S. IF I find out anything else I will be sure to jot it down....BTW I also get the feeling the the government is trying to shut down the stargates in order to stop the prevention of whatever it is that is going to happen.

Peace, love and abundance!

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