Jun 5, 2010

Inner Earth Dream

I had a dream that I fell into the falls and kept on falling and falling and then I was scooped up before reaching the bottom by a space craft and taken to this strange abode and there were all these people who looked tribal but were EXTREMELY advanced! they could fly with out a vehicle, they could walk on water and basically do everything Jesus could and were telepathic, they had no such thing as money or government and mocked me for living in such a world!, then I was taken to whom I guess was the leader.

He was about 7 feet tall and looked Indian but had paper white hair and eyes so blue they looked like the work of some digital effect by Hollywood,..he told me that I had been lucky enough to be saved by their scout ships and that I had discovered an entrance into hollow earth which lead out to deep space..he told me they were a race of ET who came from a distant star system and their ships were diamond like in shape.

I was told that they were currently allowed by the races who actually live in hollow earth to stay here in our hollow earth because they are currently working on a means to minimize the effects of Nibiru...and that they have done it before with varying results and they also said that many leaders of our world had gone missing...strange thing is that this land though very lush resembled Arizona I felt as if I had gone there astrally it was very strange but I know I was in hollow earth dreaming! I had many negative views of hollow earth till now this was fascinating! after our talk I was bathed literally in a strange violet purple liquid and escorted into a vehicle that quietly transported me back to my home.

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We're all made of star stuff and we're all on a return journey to remember who we are...one planet, one people, one universe.