Jun 5, 2010

Some E.T. Related Dreams

One was I dreamed that I was in a high rise unlike any other it literally went past the heavens…and there I saw angels/aliens, there was war going on, it was pandemonium but I was safe I remember wanting so bad to help and being a little bit afraid but then I saw them all at the windows and I was at peace I knew that the good guys had won and it was the same aliens that were in the dream below but these were all white they literally looked like angels…I knew when I woke up what this meant I knew that earth at one point in time would be the epicenter of war….as is happening at this very moment.

Another dream that I remember was when I dreamed that I was in my back yard I had this dream when I was about 15 or 16, I was laying in the nice cold damp grass just looking up towards the sky I was so enamored with the sky it was amazing then I must of fallen asleep in my dream because in my dream I was awakened by a HUGE space craft the size of a football field at first I thought I was afraid but then as they got closer I rose to my feet and felt nothing but love and joy and peace it was amazing they were very bright and made out of light almost I could see the beings inside the craft they looked like grey but they were a pink color and seemed to glow and seemed to be transparent.
As I stood there watching them watch me they began telepathic communication and asked me if I was still afraid and I actually realized that I was not afraid at all! and I told them this telepathically also and they smiled and said good then you are ready for first contact and knowledge of your ancestry…it was then I woke up a little disappointed that this amazing dream was over.

There are a few reasons why I am here though I am not saying that my ideas are the ultimate answer (a person should always seek their own truth), but this is what I have been told:

  1. To gather information to take to the next (realm, world, space, earth etc.), and share with that civilization much like we have shared our bit of knowledge with this one.
  2. We have to learn something from here even though it may seem as if there is nothing for us to learn here to some there still may be somethings we need to pick up.
  3. We have to protect some how the humans that walk this earth.

I love earth with all my heart but I do miss my home among the stars from what I remember it is a place of two suns and that it is very natural unlike most of earth were all the natural Eco system has severely deteriorated, Your government will have you believe that there is no life on other planets but that is FAR from the truth there are millions of races in the galaxy and many planets humans can inhabit that are very similar to earth and far more healthy for the human race.

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