Jul 6, 2010

The Star People In The Woods

I dreamed that I was walking along a path a very beautiful path, it was so green and peaceful, there were nature spirits everywhere (first time seeing nature spirits ^.^!) and then out of the clearing I saw Archangel Michael and a bunch of UFOs in the skies, Michael stepped out of the clearing and said somethings but what I remember the most was him saying:

The moment you have been waiting for is you and the experience you have been declaring as away from you is you, We all come from distant planets but you are the mystery that envelops the contact many wish for, you are proof of yourself and of the mystery of the heavens, now is the time to BE the mystery, time to look within yourselves and see your power, REALLY look, beyond what the conscious mind has told you to see because I assure you this is not what you are supposed to see, look deeper!

Then the dream began to shift to there being many beings there, grey, sirians, andromedans, so many and they all pointed behind me and when I turned I saw the earth and the earth had her arms outstretched towards me and I looked back and all the beings all said at once:

This is your turn

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We're all made of star stuff and we're all on a return journey to remember who we are...one planet, one people, one universe.