Jul 18, 2011

Astral Trip To Nevada With The Star Beings

I went out to the balcony last night to talk to the star people, they are such wonderful people! I went outside and I went out with my two crystals just because to me it's a nice gesture to present them to the ETs as a sign of my appreciation for all they have helped me with in my life. I also went out with camera in hand. After sometime of speaking and getting no reply I said, OK guys, let's show the world your real lol.

Still nothing. So I said OK, I wont act like a galactic paparazzi I will leave the camera out for today. And I instead began to chant, "we are ONE Family, A United Universal Heart, Together we are Love". Just then I felt their presence, as if they were right there looking down at me. I said you guys are here aren't you? Immediately I got a message from them that said:

We are here!

Then I apologized for bringing the camera, they proceeded to say that it's fine but they would like our contact to be a more personal journey. They understand my need to be the hottest space paparazzi in town lol and prove to the world the truth but that, they would appreciate a more personal and private contact, which I think they are saying this because deep inside I really don't care to prove my contact to anyone and it keeps me from concentrating on actually making contact. To me the beauty of our contact is that I know for a fact it is real and my life has been greatly enriched because of it, that to me is all that maters. I then said I love them and wanted to see them again because I get such joy from their ships or the display of their incredible technology.
Just then I saw a beautiful orange light appear in mid air, shoot to the left and then vanish. I was told just before to look in the south eastern sky, I was like how will I know it's you? they chuckled a bit and said: "Don't worry you will not miss us!" They were right! the light was orange or yellowish with what seemed to be gold surrounding it, literally it looked like pure gold. It just manifested in the south east sky just above the tree tops but it really seemed much lower, this light was so close to me, much closer then the previous nights. It was about the size of a basketball, it even appeared to have contrail. This light was completely silent as well. It was just a round yellow/orange light with what seemed to be gold sparkles around it. Just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

After my excitement was over and I was done acting like a kid in a candy store lol (yes even to this day I still get excited when I see them) I began to chant "we are ONE Family, A United Universal Heart, Together we are Love" again. I was just so comforted and happy by it, all I could think was wow I bet mother Earth is truly benefiting from this positive energy generation from my contact experience tonight and I pictured myself hugging a tree, I literally felt myself hugging this tree and radiating out this joy and love out to the planet and I then felt this incredible energy on the side and top of my head, it was such a loving incredible energy, It radiated so much pure love and warmth. It felt like a hand and then I received a vision of a being standing their besides me smiling, this being was very tall about 6 and a half to 7 feet tall, slender with long blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in a blue space suite with black trimming. At that moment I felt this connection from my heart chakra to ALL of existence!

All my problems had gone away and I was at peace, I even managed to quell the people arguing down stairs because I was vibrating at such a high frequency I was able to guide this feeling that I was experiencing in to their own heart chakras. It was a beautiful moment and I wish all of humanity could experience the beauty of contact. So after that, I told them I would like to take a ride in their ships, didn't matter where we went but if for just a little while, the being who was standing besides me earlier had returned to the ship with the others, smiled at me and told me that it wasn't time, that they had something to do in Nevada, but of course I insisted lol, and then they said "well you can come with us but for now when you wake up you will forget what you saw for safety reasons but you will remember when the time is right".

After that I sat there a while contemplating and just taking in the energy, and I heard them say "hurry and go to sleep if you wish to come, there is only a certain time window in which we can come get you tonight". I asked but I thought you don't operate in time? but they said that "time works differently in this realm". After that I went and laid down on my bed and just before I dozed off I saw the beings in my room whom I think were pleiadians, the lady who had been at my side earlier was there too. They said, "this will be a bit strange but you insisted and we have to hurry", so while I was still conscious I actually saw and felt them pull me out my body. It was the strangest feeling/experience I had ever encountered. I saw them reach out their hand and I saw my hand take theirs but yet my hand was still on the bed and I was getting up out of my body. It was the first time I had left my body in this manner, usually I don't leave my body until I am well asleep. The next thing I know I was out in the Nevada desert looking at something in the sand and that was all I remembered.

Too many people fear interacting with these beings but from my own experience, it has completely enriched my life, it has made me a better person. It has helped me realize that we are still people capable of having faults and flaws, but that there is a much bigger picture, that this is a human experience, yes, but it is also a universal experience, we are all, together as one, a universal family and though we may have our moments we are loved regardless, even if we snap at someone at work, or argue with our loved ones at home, there is a God who loves and adores us and in the end we will all be laughing about it....together.

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