Jul 25, 2011

Dream Of The Ascension

I was walking out of a subway and I must of gone somewhere with food or something because I had some food in a bag in one hand and a drink in the other and I was crossing the street. The subway was across the street from some apartments and stores, the apartment, stores and subway was on a hill, looked like San Francisco?! well when I exited the station as I waked across the street I noticed a bunch of police tape.

There were ambulances outside and police officers. I walked up to one police officer and asked:

What’s going on?

He was really sweet and understanding and compassionate and tried to explain as best he could. He said:

Whatever it is, it’s coming again

Just as he was about to tell me more, two cops came up to us very aggressive like and shoved me away from the cop that was going to tell me more, they told me to move to another area so I did, the first cop had already told me the safe place was the trolley and also that no matter what not to fear.
This is another reason why I think it is San Francisco (The Trolley).

Well I got in the trolley, everyone there looked sad and lost and confused, eventually I cheered everyone up, suddenly I noticed a big crowd came to where the trolley was and my mom was there! she tried to get me to get out of the trolley, I and I tried to get her in, she insisted, and I was like

No mom this is the only place that’s safe

Suddenly she looked to the right of her and her facial expression completely changed, it was total fear on her face and I tried to yell to her kneeling on the trolley seat to NOT fear. But she did fear and she began to run and just left me there, I don’t think it was my mom at all, in fact I think it was maybe a negative spirit trying to get me to get out of the trolley and be left behind.

Everyone started running away afraid, even the other people in the trolley. Just then I noticed sky flashes, no lightening, no thunder, no rain, just blueish sky flashes.

Just as soon as I noticed the sky flashes I also noticed I couldn't get “UP“, something was pulling me down, I said in my dream:

Gravity is messed up!

But I remembered not to fear. The gravity got worse and worse to the point where I had to drag myself off of the seat and on to the floor. Gravity just got so strong that it literally felt like I was glued to a vacuum floor, I felt something at my feat but since gravity was holding me to the floor I could not turn to see what it was. Just then I said in my dream:

Well here we go, it’s finally here, the ascension.

I then felt myself slowly disintegrating, and I heard sorta like a “whooshing” sound or actually it actually sounded just like the hum of a vacuum when someone upstairs is vacuuming. Starting at my feat and working it’s way up. There was no pain and certainly no fear, in fact, it felt like peace was literally moving up my body and next thing I know I saw all white, and I woke up.

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