Oct 16, 2011

Dream And Astral Experiences (Military Time Experiment)

This is the second part to the first dream I had the day before, this time it went from recon to action. I was with the same people that were there before in the previous dream. But this time we landed on the beach and the building was empty except for the computers that contained all their research data and procedures, we walked through in to the building and held hands in a line, we began to meditate powerfully, the meditation was so strong that we started to tremble, eventually we began vibrating, we vibrated so violently that we sent out a shock wave and scrambled the computers, the computers were fried also, because I saw smoke coming out of them and I saw the screens looked weird, everything was jumping all over the place, the words had turned in to almost invisible tiny dots and there were lines going up and down the computer and side ways. I saw that my team, had this insignia on the chest (Top Left) and other who were from other crews (space commands) had others etc, I don’t remember theirs just the one from my own team. After it was all done we had to relax a bit, there was so much energy, we were exhausted, one of my team mates was really, really tired, so I gave him a healing. We all shook hands and hugged and nodded a bit then I woke up.

Recap of the first dream:
It’s the weekend so naturally I want to sleep in, what I do is wake up at 8 AM, give my daughter breakfast, make sure shes nice and full and then let her watch some cartoons then go back to bed , my second time going back to bed I dreamed I was hand gliding with some others over the California coast, we were on a reconnaissance mission, the others seemed to be from various places, some were from here on Earth, others from other planets. We touched down on some beach that had a school/research facility, military was in there teaching some people how to deal with going to the moon. We had to hide behind a wall because our leader said they can see our astral form, at first we were on the beach being briefed because we couldn't know what we were going there for until we we got there because they could access that information somehow if it was related to what they were doing. We were told that they had found a way to stop time and make it go backwards therefor prolonging the ascension. After that we went inside (Which is where we had to hide) to get information of where they found it and where they were going to get it from and that’s how we learned it was from a particular substance on the moon.

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