Jan 29, 2012

Astral Trip To & Activation Of The Great Pyramid

So yesterday my beloved sister Karla and I were contacted both at the same time by Osiris or his energy has been around us recently, but long before that I was having visions of doing a group astral trip to the great pyramid and I was getting that Osiris was the one who initiated it, there is a feeling that we picked up on this energy.

Well I got the sense that I should go and check it out and see why he wanted the astral/meditation trip there. So as I went to sleep I did the things I needed to do to project there and I fell asleep, next thing I know I was at the great pyramid. There were a few archaeologists who met us there, one was holding what appeared to be a special ruler, this ruler was indeed special, so much so he measured the entire pyramid from top to bottom, with out a ladder or a special machine or anything, it just seemed to stretch to the top and digital deliver the calculations.
I was walking around watching these people take measurements of the great pyramid and just as I was about to ask these men where Osiris was, Osiris appeared, he spoke telepathically through images. He said there was something under the pyramid that we needed to be activated but the measurements and numbers have to be correct.

He thought for a little while as I watched and then said to bring the message back to the others when I woke up. I said but who are the others? he said “they’re in your circle”, I said you mean like a friends circle? he said no not like a friends circle, but you will know and then Ra a fellow starseed friend was there. I was like what are you doing in my dream? he said “cause its not a dream I was called here too”.

I said are you in my friends circle? he said “its not a friends circle” and I said then what the hell is it? he said its more like an activation group of ETs on earth, meaning we were a group of ETs who were to activate certain things. Suddenly water was everywhere, and the scenery changed and we were in some building, he smiled and said ah look, water, the bringer of life and then I woke up.

Karla, the one who was part of the synchronicity of this whole event also shared this link at the time I told her of my recurring desire to do the Great Pyramid Activation. In fact we commented at the same time, this also happened to be when she mentioned Osiris.. This was the link she shared: http://lightworkers.org/blog/136657/something-big-going-giza

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