Apr 1, 2012

Earth Hour Meditation Results

I apparently went through some very deep clearing and healing of a particular past life, it must be that, other wise I can't find any other explanation for the emotional reaction I had upon coming out of the past life meditation. I meditated first for the healing of Gaia, then after that I goggled: "Guided Meditations" on YT using my cell phone. I had not really given thought to what type of guided meditation I was clicking on, I just went for a nice long one but apparently my dumb phone had other plans, it clicked on something else entirely and ended up loading a past life guided mediation. Amazingly it was longer then the one I had intended on when I clicked guided mediation before my phone went on a random spur of the moment click fest. And it was precisely the length of time I was looking for!
I thought ah well, this will do and so no sooner did I start the meditation when I was powerfully guided in to a very, very, deep meditation. In fact, it seemed so very professional. I even remember the part where when it was time to meet my past self, I felt myself enter another reality it seemed, at least that's what it felt like. By this time I was in such a deep meditation that I could actually smell the flowers and feel the hot sun on me and the beautiful breeze against my skin, I felt the soil under my hands when I was sitting on the step. And get this, I heard birds chirping, but, in the meditation, I was wondering if it was birds there or birds in the normal 3D reality, I couldn't tell. Oh the flowers smelled so amazing! As I was going down the steps as per the instruction of the guided mediation, I was so flooded with childhood memories, and just as the guided mediation said, memories I didn't even know I had! lol one of them was when I was little, little, about 3yrs old, I was out shopping with my mom and dad and I kept taking the items out of the grocery bags and throwing them around the car LMAO!!! omg haha. I felt such a joy and peace from this memory. 

Then after the childhood memories from this life, I saw one of me as a kid peeking in to a home and watching a family. Memories of past lives kept coming till I was at the final step just as the meditation guided. Then came the one that truly caused an emotional reaction. It was unexpected for the simple fact that I don't at all have any interest in Italy, much less Rome, not saying its a bad place, Italy is a gorgeous place with amazing ppl, its just not one of my interests. The countries that I have a connection to, in this life at least, are Egypt, Israel, Iraq (Sumeria), Ireland, Greece somewhat and France. I don't at all have a connection with Italy except for being part Italian. So I was surprised when the guided meditation guided me to a past life in Italy. The first thing I saw was myself, the meditation helps guide you to clearly seeing your past you. I was about 5 1/2 feet tall (I am 5'3 now lol), with either red or light brown/auburn hair, I was fair skin, my hair was in a long braid that reached down to the end of my back, the braid was hanging over my right shoulder, I had on a golden crown, and attire that looked either like armor or ritual garb I really cant tell, but the top part was like a bra type thing made from gold, it had many intricate designs and you could see red velvet lining inside. I had on 4 golden cuffs, two at either wrist and one at the top of both arms.

On my right hand I had a huge gold ring that had a huge red ruby? or red gem on it that looked like it was mixed with dark green, I don't know what kind of gem this is, I have never seen it before but it was really intense and reminded me of an emerald with blood on it. I wore a long flowing what looked like a tattered but wasn't red velvet skirt with a gold belt that had four long pieces coming down, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. I had on long (up to my knees) brown cloth like sandal boots, that's what they looked like. I was in a castle, or temple? but the part where I was looked more like a work place. I remember going to look out the window, we were way, way, up high, Rome looked very small. Suddenly a man came in distressed and mumbling some stuff, I knew him somehow as my father, well the me of that times father, he brought in a young guy, my age, early 20s I think, the young man bowed and smiled, then took my hand, my father was well short, very short, and very heavy, he kinda looked like Santa Claus lol, but not all white hair, it was mostly a dark grey and light grey beard and shoulder length hair that was somewhat wavy.

He had on a huge gold crown with red velvet in the middle, and typical roman empire attire. The man who took my hand was Indian, from India, slender, about 6' feet tall, dressed in all white linen, with a creme sash thing around his shoulder, and his waste. I could tell we really loved one another but weren't supposed to be together, and I knew somehow that, that was why my father had entered mumbling and distressed, it was as if he was going against some kind of law because of his love for me, his daughter. As I watched myself engage the visitor, I had an urge to go up some spiral stairs, there was an open floor above and I went up and saw on a table what looked like architectural plans laid out, to my surprise it was the blue print of the Temple Of Solomon. That's when the lady in the guided meditation, pulled me back out and I came up out of that meditation in tears, I cried hard, haven't cried like that in a long time in fact, and I feel extremely healed, like a part of me closed a chapter in my life. Not sure what went on after that in that life but, it had to have been something to affect me so deeply even in this life. I am hoping to have my roommate sketch me for me lol, because I saw myself crystal clear. It was a very powerful meditation, and I highly recommend it....Link below:

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