Jan 30, 2013

Atlantis: Then And Now?

Today has been a strange day for me, last night I dreamed that I was a queen in Egypt but it was in modern times, yet it was during the time of Atlantis...wtf? LOL...I was trying to teach someone, ahh they wouldn't learn, I got upset and reported to the source that they weren't paying attention so the source told me to tell them to go to another dimension, so they did and ended up in the modern time from Atlantis, then I woke up in the dream to myself...and I told myself, what are you doing here? have you lost your way? I said yes to myself and then I told myself, good, you are about to regain your path and I woke up...then all day I have FELT that dream...it was really odd. I noticed how in the dream or dreams? there was just water everywhere, and now it's been really rainy all day...boy oh boy...In the dream I heard myself say: Atamn Ata but wtf is that I have no clue! it was something or other regarding the world. I swear my dreams are crazy and sometimes I think I may be totally off my rockers,....I need serious help LOL

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