Jan 18, 2013

Beast And The Machine

Last night another intense dream, I was on a blue and white city bus, passing the city by, suddenly I was at home in my room, in bed, I was naked but covered again in red, a red silk/satin sheet, I was waiting for whom I thought was my lover, but he seemed more like an adviser, he came to me, he seemed to be dressed in a purple skirt type wrap on the bottom half, with gold draped around it, at first I enjoyed his company, later, I started to feel very different about him, he became dark, and as we were sharing affection, he turned to the right and reached for an odd looking machine that I wasn't aware was there, but right as soon as I saw it I was filled with horror, I said to him, no I begged and cried to him, please, please don't turn that on, please, I begged with every ounce of my energy that I could muster and then I started to physically try to stop him, that is when he revealed his true nature and showed me that he wasn't who I thought he was, he was only using that form to fool me and get close to me, I knew what the machine would do, and I had been given the task of watching over this machine to make sure no one ever turned it back on, this thing grew angry and as he turned to look at me, his face turned horse like but hairless, but also still human, his hands like that of chicken feet, and as soon as our eyes met, I could feel it's utter hatred of me, it was filled with anger towards me and it meant me harm, I cried out to God, once, just once, and instantly, it was gone and the machine had not been turned on.

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