Jan 31, 2013

Egypt, Atlantis And Earths Alignment

Tell me why I dreamed again of Atlantis? this time I was watching Thoth extend a glowing golden/yellow rod from the great pyramid at Giza to the crystal pyramid of Atlantis...but then he seemed confused and he tilted his head a bit...like a dog does when he's confused LOL..I asked him what was wrong? he put his pointer finger and thumb up to his chin and said...it's not aligned...that's why the world is off kilter, the world was thrown out of alignment when Atlantis sunk, that's why they sunk it, and I looked to the end of this rod and it wasn't reaching the tip of the Atlantian crystal pyramid because it was no longer there!..wow what a dream!..id like to call this one short and sweet.

As always...feel free to leave any thoughts/comments and or interpretations in the comments below.

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