Jan 10, 2013

My Mayan Experience: Dec 21st 2012

I always imagined Dec 21st to be just another day....externally. However, I always pictured a much different experience internally. So as the days went by and most of the world prepared for the apocalypse or a sudden disappearing act, many others like myself prepared for a very deep and powerful inner transformation but nothing prepared me for what actually happened to me. Sure the MEDIA made a mockery of it, or turned it in to a fear fest, but I...and I am sure many others, went through something that changed our lives for ever, now I can't say everyone experienced the same thing I did, obviously I am no one to speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself but I imagine I wasn't the only one who experienced something so powerfully trans-formative and life changing. Short of becoming pure crystal I feel like I was given a new self sorta speak, do I feel different? absolutely! but can I describe it? no way! I can only pretend to explain it.

I was amazed at the clarity of the experiences that lead up to the famed Dec 21st and after. I don't know if it is all interconnected but I know one thing, it CANT be coincidence. Or maybe it can? who knows! I don't know everything, I DO NOT have all the answers but, what I will say is, when something happens to you that moves you so much that your body can not control it's emotions and it reacts by crying, you have to take notice, you can't just wipe it away as mere coincidence, especially when you wake up this way, it's not something you can create in your head regardless of what skeptics might have you believe, more so you can not ignore things when they manifest in such a way that it leaves you speechless...in a such a way that you simply know that the universe is saying, hey, this happened, it's real, pay attention.

It all began Dec 20th, a night like any other as far as the physical world was concerned, however, in the dream world, I dreamed of a huge black serpent slithering up a pole, the dream even though very lucid was mainly about feeling, I could FEEL that I had great respect for this serpent and that it was much more then a serpent, it wasn't till the next day that I clued in after reading the below text online in regards to serpent dreams and being so close to the Maya end of a cycle, it can't be coincidence:

Vision Serpent
The Vision Serpent is thought to be the most important of the Maya serpents. "It was usually bearded and had a rounded snout. It was also often depicted as having two heads or with the spirit of a god or ancestor emerging from its jaws." During Maya bloodletting rituals, participants would experience visions in which they communicated with the ancestors or gods. These visions took the form of a giant serpent "which served as a gateway to the spirit realm." The ancestor or god who was being contacted was depicted as emerging from the serpent’s mouth. The vision serpent thus came to be the method in which ancestors or Gods manifested themselves to the Maya. Thus for them, the Vision Serpent was a direct link between the spirit realm of the gods and the physical world.....Kukulkan [pronunciation?] ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent") is the name of a Maya snake deity that also serves to designate historical persons. The depiction of the feathered serpent deity is present in other cultures of Mesoamerica. Kukulkan is closely related to the god Q'uq'umatz of the K'iche' Maya and to Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs.[1] Little is known of the mythology of this pre-Colombian deity.

As I thought of this beautiful black serpent traveling up the pole I realized this imagery is very much like a kundalini awakening, a serpent traveling up the spine till it reaches the crown and bursts forth in a powerful burst of light and new wisdom. I realized though the snake never reached the top and given what I dreamed the next night, I can only guess it was only the first part of a series of dreams to come having to do with the Dec 21st 2012 transformation I was to undergo.
The next night I waited for 12 am to go to sleep, I usually am a night owl anyways but I wanted to be awake to ring in Dec 21st 2012, I knew the world wasn't going to end but I wanted to feel the transition taking place within me and I did but very subtly, until I went to sleep that is! it seems like as soon as my head hit the pillow I realized I wasn't really asleep if that makes any sense at all, In the dream I realized this, because in the dream I said to myself, how can I be dreaming if I am awake? I thought to myself, I am not Astrally projecting, my soul is here yet my body is not sleeping? after I said that I realized the enormity of the building in front of me...I was at: Temple of Kukulkan! a place named after the deity I had dreamed of the night before! I stood there for a moment taking in this sight, this thing was so huge that words could not describe, and instantly I thought to myself, how in the world did the ancient Maya build this thing without help, there's now way, no way at all...

At the top I saw a little girl with fair skin and a baby blue/sky blue dress on just playing like a child does, also, I saw a Mayan Priest/Chief or God, I could not tell if he was a Chief/Priest or God...I kind of felt he was both and to be honest I felt like he was the same God I had dreamed about previously (The Maya Serpent). He seemed to be either pacing back and forth or preparing himself for something or both, not sure but I do know is he was in deep meditation/chant, as if he was preparing for a ritual. I felt so compelled to walk up the steps, and I did, I went all the way to the top, climbed up to the top of the little box looking bit and past the little door. And there I was on top with the little girl and the Maya priest/God...Once there the energy was so strong I couldn't stand, I kneeled down and noticed there was a checker board floor, it wasn't black and white but squares all over and within these squares were a whole bunch of Maya glyph's, I put my hand down on this floor and an energy burst went through me so powerfully that it knocked me all the way back down the steps to the ground, it felt the way it feels when your leg falls asleep, those little tingles but all over my body all at once, and I felt it not only on my spirit/soul but on my actual physical sleeping or in this case none sleeping body/form. It kinda felt like I was hit by a truck but replace the pain with tingles. For a moment there I thought to myself, OMG my body is feeling this but I am not in it? then I started crying, I don't know why really, I think I knew what was going on, a very powerful transformation, an initiation, a "congrats you've done well" I cried and cried till I actually woke up? or came back crying! not just simple tears, full blown hard crying! I knew from this moment I was changed, transformed. 

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