Jan 31, 2013

My First Extraterrestrial Contact

Between 7 and 8 years old...

This dream/astral experience I have remembered to this day....I don't remember how I got on the ship but I woke up in a type of pod much like the one you see on fire in the sky, although I did not have all that disgusting stuff on me, I remember being very cold but I know that I had to run and I had to run fast because I knew that the beings on this ship were not friendlies, at the time I was afraid of them but I came to realize later that they weren't malevolent, I wasn't really afraid of them, what I was really afraid of was the image portrayed of them by Hollywood! it took me so long to realize this. I remember running very fast and trying to get off that ship and on to another ship which at the time seemed totally ridiculous to me but before I could even reach any type of exit I was confronted by the Grey who began to pursue me, they caught up very fast...it felt as though all I did was blink and they were near me.

During the whole time they were pursuing me they were communicating with me telepathically giving me instructions to put something in my right eye that I did not even know I had but I refused anyway until they caught up with me and forced whatever it was in to the back of my right eye....after that I awoke in my bed feeling fine though a little shaken and slightly confused but I thought nothing of it and thought it to be nothing but a dream until I went to the bathroom.
Once in the bathroom to brush my teeth I noticed that my right eye was swollen and after trying everything I could to make it go down I finally sought medical attention however the doctors could not understand what was wrong with my eye and they finally said that nothing was wrong with my eye so I asked if I could have possibly poked my eye in my sleep...the doctor replied that it could be possible so I left with that but 2 days later I called the doctor back and explained that my eye was still swollen which made my doctor even more confused and me even more convinced that this was no accident. I realized later that it wasn't forced, because I wasn't really against it, I was just being a rebellious little kid, I didn't like going to my regular doctor in waking life either...I realize now that the implant was and still is beneficial to me, there has been a lot of fear attached to the grey and to implants, especially by Hollywood and the government...I always believe the opposite of what those elite cabals say anyway. 

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