Feb 1, 2013

Quartz Crystals, Parallel Dimensions & NASA

I had this dream on October 14th 2012 and I still don't know what to make of it....In the dream I was laying outside on the grass at night watching the stars, my roommate was with me sitting under a tree drawing. As I was watching the stars I saw to air force jets going towards a radio tower and the jets began to circle it, Then suddenly a jetliner passed the jets, it was going so fast I barely caught it! I was like no way a plane is going THAT fast! I told my roommate and he joked around and said it as a UFO, the "plane" was circling the tower. The beings in the UFO plane said they have tech that can mimic our Earth vehicles, they said they were trying to send a signal to Earth through the radio tower, they called it the ascension frequency but the military was preventing them.

Just then I noticed something fall from the sky, it was the most beautiful crystal quartz, it was clear with blue energy inside, then I heard a voice say: It's yours now. Interestingly the next night my roommate dreamed he found a crystal just like mine and if you turned it a certain way you could go to a parallel dimension/reality. NASA sent my roommate to space with some scientists because you could only use the jewel in space, somehow the scientists knew how to use it, the 1st place he and the scientists went to was the 1st dimension which turned out to have gravity in space so they hurried and switched dimension because their ship began to fall in space in to a Sun. As they were switching dimensions, they could briefly see Venus but it looked different, not sure if he said Venus looked dead like. The next dimension they went was the last dimension, this was called the "God" dimension.

It seems this was the whole purpose of this mission, to get to this "God Dimension"...it seems NASA wanted to tamper with creation because on this dimension you could create/mold planets, universes, galaxies, gravity even alternate dimensions etc anything could be picked up, created and manipulated here. This dimension looked like a floating lab and so when they got here my roommate was almost murdered because he was warning against creating or touching anything, he warned NASA that they shouldn't be messing with creation...that's when he woke up.

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