Feb 1, 2013

The Wolf's Soul Lesson

I had this dream on (10-16-12): I was in the woods by myself, everything was normal and I was enjoying nature, again in this dream it was night but the woods themselves seemed to glow, just then I heard a faint growl and a wolf lunged at me, I fell but got up quickly, I ran in to my cabin and locked all the doors and windows. Minutes later that same wolf appeared in the middle of the living room so injured I was in shock, it was missing a leg, and very bloody, whimpering and afraid and it had puncture wounds all over, I looked in its eyes as it stood there dying and felt a great sense compassion for the beast. 

From what I can FEEL, I feel that this soul lesson was about conquering my fears, that side of me that no longer served me as in the excerpt below...you can read more at the link:

Although the wolf can depict a feeling that ‘things’ are out to get us, the wolf in our dream often depicts just our fear. Fear is one of our instinctive reactions to situations, so is shown by an animal. We may find ourselves a prisoner of such feelings, as Anna in the example below. The wolf, as is suggested by such fairy stories as Red Riding Hood, also represents the female fear of powerful male sexuality; repressed sexuality or anger; emotions and drives frighten you.
But the wolf also appears in our dreams as a master of life in the wild. It is a group animal and has tremendous loyalty and protectiveness to its family and group. As such it can depict your intuitive understanding of life on earth, the seasons of life and death, and the deep wisdom of group relations. In some dreams the wolf is a protective companion on your life journey – what is the past has been called a spirit guide or totem animal. This sort of wisdom tells us that aggressive urges are natural to us, but sometimes they can turn back on ourselves and injure our wellbeing. You might then even dream of killing the wolf or animal in you. But love can resurrect that vital animal life and consciousness within you and the world. The following dream and commentary illustrates this. 
I dreamt two great wolf like dogs were on a headland. They had to be killed for some reason. I shot them. They seemed to take a long time to die and I felt compassion for them. Now horses seemed to be lying with them. The death struggles became the horses – mares – struggles to give birth. I saw the vagina parted to show a head. Birth would follow. Nathan.
Nathan explored his dream and had the following intuitive response to it as if someone was explaining it to him: 
“When you were trying to murder the lower animal forces in yourself they would not die, they only thresh about, trying to survive. Try bringing of life to them. The bringing of love is represented by your desire not to have them suffer. Great love turns the destructiveness of the lower forces into creativeness. The gun was the destructiveness of the fears and angers in you turned against yourself. The love redeemed this power, directing it in a new way. Love enables new life to emerge. The new life promises strength where there was only fear. When you love yourself, you lift parts of your being into new life.” .... http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/wolf/

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